Sharpening Swords

When you are one that carries a sharp sword, it is imperative that you use it for the cutting off of the enemy and the building up of your friends and family. During the wilderness seasons, many had their swords sharpened and they have been taught to wield that sword against the enemy effectively. Now as the door to the wilderness has opened for many to come out and the door to the promised land has opened for those same ones to come in, it is important that the sharp sword you have been given is used for building people up, not tearing them down.

When we are in the wilderness, there is a lot of alone time. Many people learned what real intimacy with the Lord means and in that they learned He is better than we ever realized. But now, we are coming out together, with the Lord, into this new place called the promised land. Yes this new land has giants that need to be slayed but it also has people that need to be saved, healed, and delivered from those giants that have been oppressing them. Use your sword to slay the giant and use your sword to sharpen the sword of those who have been oppressed.

While many were in the wilderness for the last season, many others have been living under the oppression of the giants who are in the land. However, we are together and we need to lift one another up, stand with each other and use our sharp swords to sharpen the swords of our fellow Christians. We all will need a sharp sword in order to remain in this promised land and keep those slayed giants under our feet. It’s a new day and we are moving together in a new way.

Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.”

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