Releasing the Glory From the North

A couple weeks ago I was reading Proverbs 25:23 “The north wind brings forth rain…” as I read it the Lord said release the glory from the North. I did a little searching for North in scripture and I found Job 37:22 “Out of the north comes golden splendor; Around God is awesome majesty.” The Lord said agin, “release the glory from the North.”Then I was on prayer mountain with a couple friends and the Lord said, Red River Meeting House is directly North. I knew that is where I was to go and release the glory.

On Saturday, my friend Sharon and I drove up to Red River Meeting House and we released the glory from the North. It was a powerful experience as the Lord had us put and arrow in the ground where the original meeting house sat before it burned down in 1856. The unique thing we noticed is that there was a tree that grew up over a gravestone and the Lord said “death is on the surface but there is life underneath. Push the arrow down deep sonlife can spring up.” We pushed the arrow in and I heard the song Shekinah Glory by Cory Asbury rise in my spirit so I began to sing…Here we are, standing in Your presence Here we are, standing in Your presence Shekinah glory come down, Shekinah glory come down Release the fullness of Your Spirit
Shekinah glory come, Shekinah glory come!

We were sent to release the glory from the North and that is what we did. Prophetic adventures are so much fun and I am honored to be sent on these assignments by God for the sake of His people.

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