People Want To Live

I was a youth pastor for many years and even though I am not the first to speak on this tragedy, I do want to share some thoughts about the Travis Scott Concert in Houston, that killed 8 people. If you have not read about this event and what happened, I encouraged you to do so, it will be very eye opening.

After reading articles and having a friend send me other people’s comments on the Scott concert situation, what the Lord highlighted to me is “No one wants to die!” It was so clear in the articles I read that even thought these people went to a demonic concert, and it was demonic literally, in their inner most being when faced with death or the thought that they could die, they all said, “I do not want to die.” Here is one snippet from a New York Post article on the situation, “They got stuck under piles of bodies among the 50,000 concertgoers — eight of whom died in the melee. At that moment, my mind went into full survival mode. All I could hear was people screaming and crying for help, Schmidt told CNN. I lost all hope and thought I was going to die right there because I could not get my legs out. I fought for my life. Another said, I was beginning to go into shock, although I was trying to keep my composure and not panic. It was terrifying. I felt like it was a nightmare, she said. I looked around and just saw people stare and others continuing to enjoy themselves as if these people meant nothing.” No one wants to die, it is build inside of us that we were made for life and not death.

Seeing so clearly that people do not want to die, even though they go to events that are clearly promoting death, what is the call of church, of us as believers? We, the carriers of life are called to tell them about Jesus Christ who is called the Way, the Truth and the Life. They may say they don’t want to hear, but I promise you, for I was one of them when I was an unbeliever attending similar style events, that no one wants to die, but they just don’t know how to live. This is where the church comes in, we are called to be people who teach and show people how to live. We must speak life, manifest life, and proclaim life in every way. No one wants to die and there can be no trace of death in us, for people want to live and we have access to the Living Word of God, in written and spirit form. Friends, we must manifest life, no more compromise, no more I don’t have time, no longer can we partner with death any longer, we must reflect the One in us who is LIFE! This generation does not want to die, so we must show them how to live!

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