Air and Land Attack

I was invited, this morning, to a breakfast club. It is an under the radar movement of concerned citizens about the direction of our nation. We had one woman in attendance who got suspended without pay from her school in the area for producing a medical exemption about the mask mandate. She would not wear the mask, so they suspended her without pay, told her she was not to set foot on any of the counties school campuses until the investigation was over and she was cited for insubordination. The letter she received was scathing, because she did not wear a mask.

Another person just quit his job in corporate America to pursue full time the dissemination of information, for they believe knowledge is the only thing that breaks the mind control off of people. He went on to share how the squelching of the truth is a form of mind control.

One other woman is a sex trafficking survivor and she is obtaining a Masters Degree in Mental Health while pursuing passionately the release of women who are trapped in the sex trafficking lifestyle in her area. Her passion for these women, along with her husband, they are a force to be reckoned with as they relentlessly pursue the release of these women from this industry.

How I got to this meeting today is a following the footsteps of God story, for it was a last minute invite, with very little knowledge of what the meeting would be about. Upon arrival I am seated next to the lady who is the leader of this group. We are nestled into a board room type environment in an e-space that is extremely posh. There are 20 or so people sitting around the table and much conversation is happening about variety of subjects related the challenges we are facing in this nation. As I listened for over an hour and a half to the stories, the thoughts, the action steps they were taking, I waited for my chance to share the role I am playing in these challenging times. Being new I was not going to speak too soon.

The leader began to open it up for people to share who they are and as we went around the table, it finally came to me and I said my name and how I was new to the area. I was then asked what brought me to the area and I said, the Lord told me, “You are going to end up in Nashville, for that is where the prophets are gathering.” From this statement, more question were asked of me and I was able to share how I work the air the way they work the ground. I spoke about intercession and the need for the dismantling of the powers in the air, so they can advance with their ground game efforts. I explained how the kingdom of God is not a competition but rather we compliment each other. I deal with Ephesians 6 principalities, rulers and authorities and they deal with school boards, EEOC, and other areas of activism they are involved in.

I was shockingly surprised by the response I received. I was able to share the gospel fo the kingdom and how air and land attacks work in tandem to advance the kingdom of God on earth and set the captives free. What has in the past been a place of disconnection, was brought to an understanding of our need for one another as kingdom citizens working together on earth.

The leader turned to me and said, thank you so much for adding this into our discussion, this element is so necessary to what we are trying to do. She is getting her Master’s degree at a Christian University, so we had a kindred spirit conversation. She reiterated to the group the importance of the air warfare that I do as it pertains to what they are doing. I then ended with some good news about how much advancement in the spirit has happened and how God is winning on so many levels and the hope rose in the room significantly.

It was a morning I did not see coming, but was so glad I said yes to the invitation for kings and priests are joining forces to advance the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. They are no longer two separate and distinct entities, but rather kings and priests are partners in ministry. We had a kingdom meeting in that room this morning and my underground intercessors life merged with their underground rescue mission and the pleasure of God was evident in the unity that was palatable in the room. No competition for we are the body of Christ. Air and land attack is under way in a major way.

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