Inside Strong

We have all heard and experienced the fragility of our flesh. Someone says something hurtful to us and our flesh reacts. If our flesh is physically wounded it causes physical pain to us. Our flesh is weak in every way and yet we spend money, time, energy trying to make our weak flesh look good. We dress it up in designer clothes, we accessorize it with jewelry all for a temporal tent that we are going to put off one day. Did you know that your flesh, your temporal tent, is not eternal? We invest in that which is not going to last, not because we are ignorant, but because we love to portray an image.

I was cruising through Facebook last night looking at many family photos from a great time of food, family and friends gathering together. If you did not have family to gather with, these pictures can be heartbreaking as you long for family; if you were in those pictures, you loooked great and I smiled as I thought about the people I knew, what they meant to me and how grateful I am for you in my life. But seeing all the other people I did not know in those pictures and knowing how many people I did not know at my own Thanksgiving gathering yesterday, made me realize, we only know people by what we see in pictures, until we are around them and can hear what they say.

Earthy tents look good in pictures, but we as believers are not just earthly tents. We are people in whom God is wanting to build inside of us something that is lasting, eternal and strong. I call it being inside strong. Paul calls it a building not made by the hands of man. I pray as you contemplate who you want to be from this day forward, that you would make an investment, daily, to become inside strong. God’s word is building material that makes you inside strong, so when you take a hit by someone’s words, it doesn’t cause an emotional response, for God has made you inside strong. His word is always working on you on the inside, so read the word, pray and worship, they are all building blocks that make you inside strong. For our flesh is temporal, but our inner man is eternal and God wants to cloth you with strength.

2 Corinthians 5:1-3 “For we know that if this poor tent, our earthly house, is taken down, we have in Heaven a building which God has provided, a house not built by human hands, but eternal. For in this one we sigh, because we long to put on over it our dwelling which comes from Heaven– if indeed having really put on a robe we shall not be found to be unclothed.”

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