Thunderbolt Released

I was praying Psalm 64 this morning and as I did, the psalm went from something that was penned then to now time. The now time sense I got from the psalm is what God is doing right now and so I announced in prayer what the enemy is doing as a from of exposing them putting them on notice that we the people of God are aware of what they are saying and doing in regards to the nations. “They hold fast to themselves an evil purpose; They talk of laying snares secretly; They say, “Who can see them?” They devise injustices, saying, We are ready with a well-conceived plot” (Psalm 64:5-6). Now that they are exposed for what they are doing to the nations and have done, their cover is blown, but what is funny is that they have no new playbook. The ancient serpent does nothing new, henceforth, why what was then felt so alive right now.

Since that is what the enemy is doing in now time, the Lord continued with the psalm and said, “This is what I AM doing in now time as well.” “But God will shoot at them with an arrow; Suddenly they will be wounded. So they will make him stumble; Their own tongue is against them;” (Psalm 64:7-8). The Lord said my arrows are being shot at them right now. Arrow in Hebrew can be translated thunderbolt. God is thundering in the enemies camp as we speak and the enemy is trembling in fear. The enemies of the nations that have taken secret council together have had an interruption in their board meeting, the God of glory thundered and they are petrified.

Finally, there is one more piece to this now time psalm, the Lord said, “All who see them will shake the head. Then all men will fear, And they will declare the work of God, And will consider what He has done” (Psalm 64:9). The announcement of the arrows of God bring sent into the enemies camp has been made and when the manifestion of this event is seen in real time, the Lord said, “The fear of Me will come upon the people of earth and it will be a great awakening!” When thunder cracks suddenly it shakes us to the core in the natural, God is about to manifest His thunder on the enemy and we are going to see a global trembling and awakening.

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