Do You See What I See?

Last year the Lord spoke on more than one occasion through more than one voice that a demarcation was going to manifest. I, along with many of you, were looking for that separation, that demarcation. Some called it the wheat and the chaff, others called it the light and the darkness, no matter the terminology, it was clear there was a distinction that would be obvious. This week I have seen some glimpses into this demarcation that is manifesting. Others may have already seen this, but for me it is becoming more and more clear. Here is what I am seeing…

I see the demarcation between the “corporation” church and the body of Christ; I see the difference between the prophets speaking the voice of God and those echoing the voice of the media; I see the distinction between those who have a spirit of fear and those who have been perfected (become complete/whole/healed) by love; I see the separation between the holy and the vile; I see the line that has been drawn in the sand and those who are on the Lord’s side and those who are in the world. Do you see what I see or do you see other things as well?

We must be very careful that we, the mature, are only speaking what God is speaking, announcing what God is announcing, love what God is loving and hate what God is hating. Too many people are caught in a spirit of fear and call it God. God is love and His perfect love casts out all fear, therefore, until we are perfected in love we won’t be fearless. Until we are fearless, we will misinterpret what we think we hear God saying. Many people are dreaming the news and calling it a prophetic dream. Discernment does not come from increasing knowledge, it comes from singleness of eye; oneness of pursuit; and study, prayer, and worship of the only true God. Discernment comes form eating from one tree, the tree of life!

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