The revelation of Jesus Christ is going to tear the veil of religion that has kept believers locked into this single layer gospel we have been taught. The kingdom of God is a kingdom that knows no end. The knowledge of the glory of God is going to cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. The unknown is far greater than what is known and yet religion says, we know enough. Religion keeps recycling the same message over and over again and then religious people keep echoing it throughout the generations. The gospel is eternal, the Lord of the gospel has no beginning and no end. The word of God is multilayered and has depth, width, breadth, color, of the likes we do not have words to describe.

The revelation of Jesus Christ is going to open up a world in the word that believers in this generation have never known before. It is going to produce a freedom that cannot be denied and a liberty that many will want to experience. It will not come easy, for we have been so indoctrinated with the doctrines of men and demons, that we will struggle to step out of the grave even when the stone is rolled away. But for those who do, they will dance, sing, shout, praise and revel in the freedom they have in Christ. When Paul preached the measure of freedom God showed Him in the revelation of Jesus Christ the Jews persecuted Him for preached freedom to Jews. Judaism was and is a very religious system, just like Christianity but this is why God is sending freedom preachers with a revelation of Jesus Christ, for it is for freedom that you have been set free.

Solomon said it this way, “The source of revelation knowledge is found as you fall down in surrender before the Lord. Don’t expect to see Shekinah glory until the Lord sees your sincere humility.” The revelation of Jesus Christ will be followed by Shekinah glory for those who can and will humble themselves and receive the truth that is coming to set them free from the religion they have been dipped in. Freedom is coming for all but not all want to be free, because freedom takes humility.

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