Working For You or Against You?

Words are powerful, but when we understand words we are speaking or words we are hearing, they are even more powerful. Understanding brings depth to the power of words. I was speaking to a friend in the UK the other day and we got on the subject of blessings and curses. She is originally from Rwanda, and her understanding of these words and their operations is significant. Witch doctors are real in Africa, charms are not a small matter and the desire to be blessed is real for them. I love learning from other cultures and merging it with the reality of the kingdom culture and God’s word.

Our conversation went to the subject of blessings and curses and I said to her, blessings are like God is using everything to work for you, it is the rhythm of His roar, the cadence of His call, we are in stride with what He is doing and everything is working for us. While a curse is things are working against you. It feels like you are facing resistance at every turn, what should be clear is confusing, what should be simple is complicated. She shouted, yes, that is it. Once we recognize where God is blessing and get in it, we find things flowing freely, and when we recognize continual resistance we look for the curse and we deal with it accordingly.

Deuteronomy 28 is a great chapter about blessings and cursing and how they are tied to our obedience to the word and voice of God. But we are not individuals, we are a community of people and we are families. Therefore, someone else’s obedience can be blessing us and someone else’s disobedience can be working against us. Words are powerful and blessings and curses are real. One is working for you and one is working against you. I hope this understanding gives you insight that sets you free. Be blessed my friends and speak blessings over people, it propels them into the flow of God working for them.

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