Reward Year?

What if this is a reward year? What if this is the year where God rewards those who diligently seek Him for Hebrews 13:6 says that He is a rewarder? What if this is a year in which Psalm 103, forget not all His benefits means His rewards, or that which He has given to us? What if this is a reward year and we didn’t know it?

I am praying for some friends this morning for healing, as well as Beni Johnson, who Bethel has asked the body of Christ to pray for as she is in some challenging situations physically. I am praying for healing and today I am praying Psalm 103, so everything is lining up, and I get to verse 2 of Psalm 103 and it says, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul and forget not all His benefits.” We know the verse, I know the verse, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to look at what the word benefits means.

I click on the word benefits and in Hebrew it is Gamul and it means recompense, reward, that which He deserves, that which He hath given, but then it says this, “a priest, the leader of the 22nd course in the service of the sanctuary.” I am stupified, for I have never looked up this word, always assuming I knew what it meant and then today the Holy Spirit prompts me to look into it and it is a 22 word. I sense this year, 2022 is a year of reward for those who have diligently sought the Lord.

The Levites were those who ministered to God in the temple or the sanctuary, they were dedicated to this calling, and the fact that benefits and the 22nd course of the service in the sanctuary are a definition of His benefits, makes me ask the question, what if this is a reward year? Recompense year? Bill Johnson said, this is the year we recover all.

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