Events That Change Everything

Clues, hints, hidden treasures in the midst of everyday reading. They are there hidden in plain sight. We read right past them until the Holy Spirit highlights them. But when the light shines on a verse, a paragraph, a person, it catches our attention for God has something to say about it. I hope this has happened to you, because when God is your teacher, school is so much fun.

Today I was reading Acts 21 and verse 26 caught my attention, “Paul took the men, and the next day, purifying himself along with them, went into the temple giving notice of the completion of the days of purification, until the sacrifice was offered for each one of them.” On first read this verse does not seem worthy of popping out, but because God breathed on it there is something there I never saw before. Maybe you have, but I didn’t until right now.

We are 21 chapters into the book of Acts and this verse tells us the Temple in Jerusalem was still standing and the people were still doing animal sacrifices. This is huge, for the final sacrifice for sin died on a cross before the book began, now 21 chapters later they are still doing animal sacrifices in the Temple? This is huge. There are many things that happen in the world, events, prophetic declarations, prophetic acts, dates, many things and they change everything in that moment, but so often we just go on with life like nothing happened. They did not alter their life according to the death of Jesus Christ, they still sacrificed animals, but what about us? What changes did we make after experiencing revival; revelation in the word; or a relationship? Those moments were markers that said, I am not going back to who I was before that event, that moment, that marker.

I wonder how many of us are still operating, like the Jews did, as though Jesus did not become the final sacrifice for sin and stop making sacrifices? How many people since being touched by the power of God in revival no longer are religious? How many since being married have no longer lived like they are single? Markers in our life are lines we are never to cross back over. I pray you keep moving forward, advancing the kingdom, no going back.

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