Who’s Voice Do You Follow?

The MSM has a way of getting many people to focus on the nation they deem worthy of attention for their own reasons. If you were to look back on your social media sites, you will find when the media says Ukraine, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, France, you name the nation, then many people put pray for _________________. People change their profile picture to match the nation the media highlighted, they get online and prophesy or pray for the nation the MSM highlights. My friends, it reveals who is listened to and it is not God it is the media. The more you follow the media’s lead the more you are going to live a low bar life. Come up higher, come up here is wha was told to John in Revelation 4 and I will show you what is soon to take place. My friends, if God is speaking, you will have insider information ahead of time, but if you are only hearing the media, you are following their lead and they know it for they have all the data on how you respond to what is said, so they keep baiting you with things to do and pray and say.

As believers, we are not to act like this. It shows such low level understanding of anything and make us look ridiculous as believers, especially to those who know things the media is not telling you. We are to be ones who know and hear the voice of God; we are according to John 10 to follow His voice and the voice of a stranger we are not to follow. The challenge is, many believers know the voice of the media better than the voice of God. So, today what is God saying, Psalm 117:1 says, the Lord is saying, “Praise the LORD, all nations; Laud Him, all peoples!” When God says this, you start to call out nations by name to praise the Lord. Praise the Lord Greece; Oman; Switzerland; Columbia; Guam; Dominican Republic; Cambodia; Uzbekisstan; Panama; and so many other nations that never make the news. When you start to see the nations on this Sunday praising the Lord, you see Senegal in praise, Pakistan in worship, UAE with hands raised; New Zealand in celebration of our God. It gives you an international perspective of praise and reminds you that Psalm 2 said, “Ask of me and I will give the nations to you as your inheritance.” Jesus is the inheritor of the nations, so it’s time to call them to praise, because God is saying so. It will change your perspective for God said it not the news.

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