Nothing Required

In the Old Testament it was a requirement to give offerings. Leviticus 1 – 5 tells us the 5 major categories of offerings that were required under the Old Covenant. They are 1)The Burnt Offeings; 2) The Grain Offerings; 3) The Peace Offerings; 4) The Sin Offerings; 5) The Guilt Offerings. These 5 offerings were a requirement under the Old Covenant. But Jesus, who embodied all the offeings required in His body when He died on the cross, made the final offerings God required based on Old Testament Law. Jesus became the final offering of all these requirements. Therefore, under the New Covenant, we are not required to make offerings. Selah.

Jesus fulfilled ALL the Law and the Prophets, therefore, there are no required offerings for us who are under the New Covenant. These are fighting words for those who love to do works. But I am not picking a fight, I am state a truth, the Lord burned in my spirit this morning, Jesus is the all-in-one offering there are no longer offering requirements. What then is the reason for us giving anything under the New Covenant? Are you saying we are not to give anything?

Under the Old Covenant it was a requirement, but when you see what Jesus did in His death on the cross, fulfilling ALL the requirements of the Law, it will produce in you a response based on what you understand. Our level of response is equal to our measure of understanding. We will give more out of response than we ever would of under requirement. You are not required to give anything, but when you understand who Jesus is, your response will reflect your understanding. I worship as a response, I give as a response, I obey as a reponse, for I have seen Him, heard Him and am daily getting to know Him. I can’t help but have a generous response. It’s not a sacrifice, it is a genuine response. We reveal much in our response for it is not a requirement, it’s our heart!

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