Fasting and Fruit

Lou Engle an intercessor for the nations called for a 40 day Daniel fast from March 7 – April 15 which is the start of Passover. The Lord spoke to me months ago and said, “Tabernacles 2021 – Passover 2022 is the final preparation before the new thing I am going to do.” Then to have Lou Engle call for this Daniel fast was in alignment with what the Lord spoke to me, so I have joined in on this fast, gladly. If you want to join in, please do, we are taking communion daily and declaring, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!” It has been bringing fresh revelation daily to me as I am on this fast with people around the world.

This morning, the Lord spoke to me about fasting and I wanted to share it with you. He revealed to me that our bodies crave what it has consumed and when it is denied its cravings it makes way for receiving new supply to come in. He showed me that withdrawls are real; resistance is key; new supply is available; and new cravings will develop.

What if God has the nations on a Daniel fast spiritually to get us new supply in the spirit, but also physically, so He can get us new supply in the natural? Fasting is never fun, for withdrawls are real, cravings call out, resistance is needed, but new supply is coming. If we have to deny ourselves something we crave, resist the temptation to consume “it”, in order to make way for new supply, I think it is worth the temporary challenges we are facing.

I see a new supply of many things being brought into the earth from the Lord. A new supply of freedom, a new supply of joy, a new supply of peace, a new supply of resources, a new supply of leaders, a new supply of truth and so many other things. Yes, we are experiencing the challenges of a fast, but it is making room for a new supply. It is the final preparation before Passover, because Joshua 5 says, after they ate the Passover in the promised land, the manna ceased and they ate the fruit of the land. Everything is about to change, for we are in the promised land!

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