Kids play outside everyday around the world, but when a storm rolls in or it gets dark outside, parents call for their children to come inside. Parents always protect their children from storms. In America, at the first stroke of lightning they call off ball games kids are playing, recess ends immediately and parents teach their kids, its not safe out there, so they bring them in to the place of protection from the storm.

Adults are a little different, we drive through storms in our cars to get where we have got to go; we may even go outside and play in the rain; we sleep with the window cracked to hear the thunder and the lightning. We know how to be safe and yet enjoy the sounds of the storm. The challenge is, as adults, we know how to protect others, but we do not know how to let the Lord protect us. When a storm is coming, when war is raging, when battles are being fought, adults go into survival mode, rather than child mode. The difference is evidenced in how we speak during a storm, a battle, a war.

People that think they can survive the storm, rely on self; are carrying the wounds of storms, like depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, addictions, and the like. The invitation to come under the Lord’s protection as a child when there is a storm, battle, war is still available. Psalm 140:7 says, “O GOD the Lord, the strength of my salvation, You have covered my head in the day of battle.” Covered means overshadowed, shelter, to fence in, protect, defend, hedge in, shut up, and to block (Strongs). I wonder if we do not like the Lord’s protection because He hides us when there is a storm, war, or battle? I wonder if we are afraid of missing out if we are hidden, even though it is protection? There is peace, joy, love, grace, hope, life and so many other benefits to becoming childlike and letting our Father protect us from the storm even if that means we are not seen.

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