Relationship Trumps Revelation

Intimacy is a relationship term. Danny Silk says intimacy means, into me you see. When I heard him say that, I never forgot it. Being someone who love the word of God, loves the prophetic, loves to preach and loves wisdom and revelation, it can feel like when God speaks in these ways it is intimacy. He opens His word and shows me things I could not have known; He teaches me things by the Spirit that I had no way of knowing. I feel so loved by God when He shows me things like this. But intimacy is multifaceted, intrinsic in detail and vibrant in sound. It is into me You see. I can’t see me the way God can see me. He knows things I need that I don’t even know. That is why I can never forget Psalm 139, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful I know that full well.

The same is true for you, I don’t know what your love language is, so I am not sure how God speaks to you so you can hear Him. For me it is words, that is why He speaks through His word so much to me. But He knows you so much, He will even share things with you in a way you did not see coming. It is intimacy. Into me You (Lord) see. He sees you, He is for you, He really does love you and He pursues relationally, us in ways that can catch us off guard and make our heart smile and our eyes water. He’s just that personal.

This morning my bible was in Exodus 15 as I was looking into Elim yesterday, and about two three days ago, I asked the Lord a question, now put the two together and the this morning, He answered the question I had about trees, yes trees. Not ministry, money, marriage, nothing major, just a question about trees. Then this morning, glancing at a passage in Exodus 15 He whispers, this is the answer to your question and it was a kiss of intimacy. No revelation came with it, nothing to preach came with it, just an answer to a question with a kiss from heaven. The Lord prioritizes relationship over revelation, teaching, preaching, prophesying, He loves being in a relationship with you.

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