Who Said?

Time has become a trouble maker in our lives. But how did this happen? When we were children we had no concept of time. When we were hungry we ate, when we were tired we slept, when we were awake we got up. We had no idea what time it was or even why it mattered. Time is a responsibility issue. We are responsible to keep our appointments by being there on time. Time is an accountability issue, if you want to gather with other believers you have to come to church at a certain time. But time is also a troublemaker.

Who said you have to be married by this time? Who told you, you can’t learn something new after this age? Who decided that at this age you can no longer have children? Time tortures us, taunts us, troubles us. We think of how much time we have left before we die as though death is the final act of our lives as spirit beings. Who said you have to retire at that age? Who said, who told you, who made time your enemy instead of your ally?

I was reading Mark 8 today and Jesus is speaking to His disciples about the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod. Then He says this, ““Why do you discuss the fact that you have no bread? Do you not yet see or understand? Do you have a hardened heart? HAVING EYES, DO YOU NOT SEE? AND HAVING EARS, DO YOU NOT HEAR? And do you not remember, when I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of broken pieces you picked up?” They *said to Him, “Twelve.”

I was pondering how Jesus said, do you have a hardened heart, when I started thinking about how time hardens our hearts, for we have been told this or that must happen by this time. Who said? I don’t want a hard heart because I think too much time has passed so that relationship can’t be restored, or that ministry can’t manifest because I am this or that age. I want a heart that remembers the miracles of God so my heart is ready to receive every new miracle He is going to do, no matter who much time it took to come to pass.

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