Separateness Precedes Glory

Everything has become common in our culture, therefore nothing is treated as sacred. This has brought about many more challenges then we realize. We now live in a culture that does not treat authority with respect, whether parents toward their children or citizens toward police. We have tolerated the common and not guarded the sacred, so people have sex at will, change their gender without long-term thought, and then wonder why they are miserable. When everything becomes common there is no standard, no plumbline, no measurement by which to know where we are off.

It took some pain to recognize this lack of sacredness in our society has not been all it was marketed to be. Real freedom has sacredness to it; real freedom comes with responsibility; real freedom not only sets us free but keeps us free. Culture has come to a measure of its senses and it is taking back the sacred and separating it from the common. Life is sacred, no one wants to die, why do you think people had such a fear of C-19? Why do you think people are “prepping”? Because innate within every human being is life, and no one wants to die.

The return of the sacred it going to penetrate and permeate every sector of society, the marriage bed is going to be kept pure again, children are going to honor their father and mother again, the sanctuary is going to become a place to meet with God again. But it is not going to stop there, people are going to actually realize they are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6). Leaders in the church are going to teach people the difference between the sacred and the profane, the consecrated and the common (Ezekiel 44).

It is already innate within us, we have “china” we only use on special occasions; we have foods we only eat on specific holidays, we know what the difference is and how important it is. As righteousness exalts the nation again, the demarcation between the sacred and the profane will be taught again. My friends the great awakening is happening, people are waking up to what has been stolen from them and they are taking it back. It is restoration time, the days of our captivity are over. If you can’t see the signs of it yet, you will very soon, as it is going to become the norm again to separate the sacred from the common. Because the glory of the Lord will only come to that which has been set apart.

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