Moments Are Markers That Become Monuments

There are times in our lives where we need to put a stake in the ground, build a memorial and mark that date and place as our “I will never go past this place” in my thinking, marker. The day you were born again should be one of those markers, but so should significant moments in your walk with God. From what I have experienced personally and what I have heard from other people I was with and others who were in different locations having similar experiences, this Pentecost 2022 is a marker in the spirit and we aren’t to go back to any old season, any old thoughts, any old ways of operating. June 4-6, 2022 were marker dates for some people and they will never go back beyond that date for something changed forever.

Back in 2013 the Lord spoke to me and said, “Stay in the upper room until the fire falls.” I knew that was a nod to Pentecost in Acts 1-2, but little did I know this would be a 9 year season I would enter into. When God speaks a word to you, our first reaction is, this is for right now, not realizing, that word is the activation of a new season. I remember in February 2014 when the leader of my church in Kansas City, had me stand up in a women’s conference and she spoke a word over me that altered the course of my life and calling. I thought what she was speaking, coupled with what God spoke to me that same weekend was the start of the word she spoke. Nope, it was the start of 8 years of training to embody the word she spoke.

If you have a prophetic word, a promise over your life, if you can identify the date, place, word with specificity, know that was the starting line, not the fulfillment of that word. Don’t pursue the word, purse the One who spoke the word, for the word of God will not return void, but will accomplish that which is was sent forth to do. Prophetic words go into the crock pot of our heart and soul, not the instapot of our wants. Real prophetic words of destiny and design are meant for the crock pot not the instapot. Be patient, when that word is ready to manifest it will be so tender, it will fall out of you like meat falling off a bone. God knows the timing, we are called to know God. Markers, Ebenezer stones, no turning back!

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