You Have Been Given Access To Excess

James 4:1 “What is the source (origin) of quarrels and fights among you?” Did you know this verse and this whole chapter actually is a nod to Genesis 26 where the herdsmen of Gerar (the Philistines) quarreled with the herdsmen of Isaac? If you read Genesis 26 then James 4 you can see that they were quarreling over abundance. I know right. They were fighting over access to excess. Isaac was prosperous and the Philistines were envious, therefore, when more prosperity was discovered by Isaac’s servants, the Philistine herdsmen fought for the flood, the abundance of water that was available. They were fighting over and for an abundance of water.

It has been said, the stress level of people is heightened right now because of the various seemingly scarcity that is manifesting right now. It is only because the Philistines are envious of the prosperity of the nations. How do I know, because I have access to abundance and I have seen the source of the quarrel happening. Plus, I used to quarrel with others who had access to abundance when I didn’t. Abundance is anything only God can give you. Think about it for a minute, how can people fight over water? Water is something only God can give us. But you know what, health is only something God can give us, wealth is something only God can give us, food is something only God can give us, love is something only God can give us, a spouse, children, life, everything we fight over, only God can give us, so what is the source of the fight?

The source of the fight in Genesis 26 was envy. The source of the fight in James 4 is envy. The source of fights between nations is envy. The source of fights in families is envy. Envy is someone having something you want, but don’t have. But the source behind the source is Satan, the father of lies, because it is a lie that you don’t have access, everyone has access to God, it’s just some people don’t use their access so they live in envy. You have access to excess for God is abundance and He withholds no good thing from you, excercise your access and watch God turn your envy to generosity. There is an abundance of everything, fear not!

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