You Are Being Seeded

Words are seeds; our hearts are soil; when negative, destructive, demonic seeds are spoken across the airwaves those seeds go into our hearts (soil). The more seeds of the news we consume the more negative the narrative we are hearing. The negative narrative is seeding us based on what they want to grow in us, produce in us. The source of the seeds your hearing determines the way you are thinking.

Sowers with bags of seed are in three major places in culture. Bags of seed with sowers are in the media, education and religion. If you are being seeded by any of these three sources you will be fearful; angry; judgmental; proud. All three of these sources are seeding you with an agenda which seeks to steal from you, kill you and destroy you. But there is another source of seed with a sower and its the word of God and the kingdom of God. It’s only agenda is freedom which is found in the kingdom of God. It is good news; it is healing; it is grace; it is power; it is joy; it is mercy; it is truth; it is love; it is life; it is always good news.

When we are seeding ourselves all day long with negative, fearful and demonic news, words, then we come into a place or open our bible and we find it hard to connect, to relate, to engage. Why? Because we have been seeded before arrival by a barrage of negative, demonic, destructive news. When the good news comes, it must penetrate all that we have been seeded with, it seeks to detox us of all that seeks to destroy us, make us fearful. If you want to be free, you will have to stop being seeded by the three sources, the news, education and religion that are seeking to steal, kill and destroy you, and open wide your bible and seed yourself with truth that sets you free. Remember, your thoughts are not your own, you have been seeded. Choose your seed wisely.

Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease.”

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