It Only Takes A Moment

Luke 1:36-37 “Behold, even your relative Elizabeth has also conceived a son in her old age; and she who was called barren is now in her sixth month. For nothing will be impossible with God.”

It only takes one moment, one situation, one word to receive the seed that will conceive. The angel Gabriel, the messenger or the Lord seeded Elizabeth and Zacharias with a word that their days of barrenness were over and now six months later she was showing and everyone could see that she was no longer barren but about to manifest. That one seed, that one word, that day of conception led to showing and birthing and manifestation. The day she conceived her life changed forever.

The Holy Spirit is hovering over this verse right now and the presence of God is thick in the room as I type this. She who was called BARREN, many of you have been called barren, your ministry has been barren, your marriage has been barren, your finances have been barren, your health has been barren, your family of origin has been barren, the pain of barrenness is extremely hard to bare, especially if it has been for any length of time. But today, the Lord is saying to some, you have conceived recently and you know it, your just not showing yet. Come on somebody.

Others of you, have yet to conceive, but you are about to. One prophetic word, one experience in worship, one encounter with the glory of God and everything is going to change for you will conceive. She who was called barren is NOW in her sixth month. You may not be in your sixth month, but you know you conceived and so you need to know now you are in _____ month. I am personally in my first month, I know it like I know my name. I may not be showing yet, but my life changed forever Pentecost weekend 2022 in Houston, TX.

My friends, nothing is impossible with God. Barrenness will give way to birthing manifestation of what you are carrying. It happened for Elizabeth and Zacharias and they were in their old age. God does not forget, be encouraged, it only takes one touch from God to conceive and everything changes, forever. #host90

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