How You Hear Matters

If you haven’t heard the word of the Lord, but you see the evidence of changes nationally, corporately or individually how do you respond? Many people don’t hear the word of the Lord for the nation, so when changes take place, they don’t think it was God. The initial reaction to something is usually something that gives credit to the enemy, because most people have not heard the word of the Lord for the nation.

I was reading 1 Chronicles 12:23 “Now these are the numbers of the divisions equipped for war, who came to David at Hebron, to turn the kingdom of Saul to him, according to the word of the LORD.” And I got the sense the Lord is going to do somethings nationally that most of us have no clue what the word of the Lord is on the issue, but we are going to see the evidence of what God said, even though we did not hear it ourselves. Because of this, we need to guard our hearts against assuming we know what God has said and is doing. God was giving the nation to David, even though Saul was in power, God initiated this, it was not a power grab by David.

Luke 8:18 says, “Take care to how you listen; for whoever has to him more shall be given.” This is in the context of the four soils, so our hearts determine how we listen. We are about to hear somethings and guarding your heart, so you are careful how you listen will be necessary. National changes, international changes, church changes, family changes, people changes, all are slated to go public, but we must not assume it is the enemy, just because we have not heard the word of the Lord. God is doing major things on earth right now and our job is to be careful how we hear, not assume we know more than we really do. It’s a great day to be alive!

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