Here As A Cardiologist

The difference between the old and new wineskin is easily identifiable to God, for we are the wineskins. Old wineskins are those who had fresh revelation at one time, but decided that is the only revelation they need, so built their life and ministry around that revelation. When new revelation is released they are the ones that fight it, for it does not match the revelation they received. The challenge for old wineskin people is that they resist the new revelation God is giving therefore, do not move in continual power, life and joy in the Holy Spirit. Remember, Jesus told the disciples when He called them “Come follow Me!” It was and still is a call to mobility. The Bible says, the glory of God is an ever-increasing glory not a ceasing glory. We need to be on the move with the Spirit of God as He has not stopped moving.

Paul was giving a defense of His life and ministry before some governmental officials in Acts 26 and he said the Lord told him this, “Get up and stand on your feet; for this purpose I have appeared to you, to appoint you a minister and a witness not only to the things which you have seen, but also to the things in which I will appear to you;” Not only to the things you have seen, but also to the things which I will appear to you. Paul could have set up shop on what he saw in Acts 9 on the road to Damascus, but there was more. The same is true for us, we have seen some stuff but there is more, new wineskins are open to the more, even if they have not heard or seen it before.

Yesterday morning in worship, I had an open vision. I saw Jesus walking around the room in a white robe and everyone in the room thought He was coming to heal their bodies, but as He turned, His back was to me, I saw the words CARDIOLOGIST written on the back of His robe, which looked like a physicians coat. I then heard the Holy Spirit say, “You all are looking for physical healing, but the Lord is here to heal your hearts.” The Lord is revealing to us, we are looking for Him to come and do one thing but He is coming to do another thing. He’s coming in a new way and we must be open to what He is doing right now, not only looking for what He has done before. He is coming to healing hearts, He is here as a cardiologist.

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