City Got A New Name

It has been said that four nuns declared Nashville “Music City” henceforth the name. Those four nuns came from Ohio to found St. Cecilia Academy, an all girls school in North Nashville. They founded this school in 1860 on the corner of Athens Way and Dominica Road.

When on prophetic adventures you go to the location the Lord reveals and then you look for clues to confirm your on the right track. Amanda Hopkins Blankenship told me about this school and the four nuns, but the Lord unlocked the mystery in the history. Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music and musicians. Another clue into what spirit is ruling Nashville’s Music City.

The Lord told me to make a decree of a new name for Nashville to match the new sound that is going to come out of here. On Sunday night the Lord sent me to Music Row to tune the sound of the city to the sound of heaven. Yesterday James Goll, a prophet whole lives in Nashville said, “He’s coming to bring you flashes of His presence, the lightnings of God, and to help TUNE YOU TO THE SOUNDS OF HEAVEN to be released on earth.” I sent it to Sharon Ward Shirley and said, did you see this, she was like I just read it and was going to send it to you. Only God! So, we head to North Nashville to St. Cecilia Academy today and across the street is a building whose address is 2222. That’s a nod to Isaiah 22:22. Another wink from heaven for me because the Lord said to rename the city, the City of David, for it is located in Davidson County.

With shofar in hand, we go to the gates of the school, which is the only access and it is private property so no access granted and I am praying by the gates then I decree, NASHVILLE WILL BE CALLED THE CITY OF DAVID and the moment I am getting the last letter out of my mouth, the gates open automatically. The spirit of God hits me with laughter like I have never had before and a women drives up and goes through the gates. I am buckled over laughing, not sure why, but laughing and the Lord says, “Blow the Shofar to seal the decree.” I blow the shofar with one long blast as the gates are shutting and then I continue laughing.

What used to be a city ruled by Athena in the Parthenon, St. Cecilia in the Academy and studios on Music Row are now all going to be removed because Nashville is now the City of David says the Lord. A big thanks to Autumn Darden for helping me discern the new name for this city. God confirmed what she saw in the name Davidson County, through Revelation 7 and Amos 9. Everything is changing, new sounds are going to arise; old systems are going to fall; and Yahweh alone is going to be worshipped as the only God in Nashville, TN.

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