We Need You To Prophesy

1 Corinthians 14 tells us everyone can prophesy. We all can exhort, encourage and comfort. Acts 2 was the pouring out of God’s spirit upon all flesh, both sons and daughters, so they can prophesy. We need people to prophesy more than ever right now. Prophesy to your cities, prophesy to your friends, prophesy to your family, prophesy to your nation. Prophesy, prophesy, prophesy.

Prophetic people, hear the voice of God and speak. It is not complicated. Prophets are mouthpieces for God, they hear God and they speak. If you can hear the voice of God you can prophesy. If you can read the word of God you can prophesy. Open your Bible, find some good news and prophesy. We need the voices of the messangers without microphones to prophesy.

The atmosphere is filling with fear more and more everyday. If you live on earth you are subject to the atmosphere. People are panicking and for some rightfully so, but for others there is no need. Many are panicking because of what is in the atmosphere not because it is going to be their reality. This is why we need to prophesy. We need the atmosphere to be seeded with what God is saying, not what is about to happen to the Babylonian system. The system is petrified, as it should be, because Fallen, fallen, Babylon has fallen.

In Isaiah 7 news of impending doom came to the house of David and it struck fear in the king and all those around him. So, God sends Isaiah (the prophet) to the king to say, “Take care and be calm, have no fear and do not be fainthearted. Thus says the Lord GOD: “It shall not stand nor shall it come to pass.” This is a word for us, what the enemy has planned to do shall not come to pass, so prophesy to the nation as Isaiah did to the king. It shall not come to pass. The enemy is projecting on you what God is about to do to him, fear not my friends, God is about to blow our minds with His goodness at least that is what I hear.

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