Honey Anointing

I was in a meeting yesterday morning in preperation for an event I am speaking at on Friday. During this meeting I saw in the spirit a jar of honey being tipped over. As I looked at it, I asked the Lord, what does this mean? The Lord began to show me that He is tipping the jar of honey and is pouring it out on the earth. This is not a new concept for me, because a couple of months ago while praying in church before service, the Lord said to me, “I Am raising up houses of honey!” I wrote a blog about this when I heard it and received great response.

For at least two or more years women have been told they have a Deborah anointing. Deborah who is spoken about in the book of Judges, was a mother in Israel and a judge. Deborah’s name means bee, which is another honey connection. There is even a book written called The Deborah Anointing, so that name is familiar with women in the body of Christ. But when we think of an anointing, we tend to think oil not honey, so when I saw this huge honey jar being tipped over and the Lord said, “I Am anointing the earth with honey”, I paused yet again and leaned into the Lord to understand what He is saying and doing.

While I was seeking the Lord about this honey anointing, He said to me, “Today is the 16th, read Proverbs 16.” I used to read a Proverb a day so this language from God was familiar to me. I open my Bible and start reading Proverbs 16 and here is what it says, “The wise in heart will be called understanding, And sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness. Understanding is a fountain of life to one who has it, But the discipline of fools is folly. The heart of the wise instructs his mouth And adds persuasiveness to his lips. Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” God is pouring out a honey anointing on the earth because it will increase our persuasiveness and bring healing to the bones and souls of those who hear it.

We know James 5 says, anoint with oil for healing, but now we know Proverbs 16 says, honey is healing as well and I see a fresh anointing of honey being poured out on the earth and it will be sweet to the taste, healing to the soul and bones, and persuasive to those who hear the words coming from the lips of those who have been anointed with honey.

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