Camels Are Coming With Recompense

Hebrew year 5783, the decade of the mouth, the year of the camel. How do we know, 80 is the Hebrew letter pey, which is the symbol of a mouth, 3 is the Hebrew letter gimel, which is the symbol of the camel. The Hebrew language is letters, numbers and symbols. The Hebrew calendar is the calendar Israel follows and is important for us to watch, for it yields clues to what God is saying in this hour.

I have told you this is the year the Camels Are Coming, but what I didn’t understand until this morning is the word gamal or gemul is another spelling of gemil which is the word for camel. Many spellings same word, but what I learned this morning while praying Psalm 136 is the word for recompense is gamal or gemul which is camel. So 5783 is the year the Camels Are Coming and they are bringing recompense.

We are not coming out of Egypt, we are coming out of Babylon, knowing the correct biblical narrative is important, because it helps us with understanding what we are seeing in the news. The camels are coming and they are loaded with recompense for damages incurred, injuries suffered, and they are bringing rewards and benefits. Right now God is plundering His enemies, dealing with them fully and is gathering the spoils of the wicked to transfer them to the righteous. The enemy has swallowed up treasures that are not his and this includes people who belong to God.

Psalm 136 clarified it for me when it says, “O daughter of Babylon, you devastated one, How blessed will be the one who repays you With the recompense with which you have repaid us.” The enemy has treated us unjustly while we were in Babylon and God is repaying him for what he did to us. We have a Father in heaven who is truly for us and is not against us. His kindness toward us is about to bring us to our knees for the camels are coming back with plunder and people who belonged to God!

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