God Is Above The Fog Of War

The scroll you eat will be the words you speak!

Living in historic days, transitional days, unprecedented days makes it very challenging to know what to believe. You have those who are eating the scrolls of history and finding mystery, while others are eating the scrolls of history and are speaking destruction and war. Others are eating the scrolls of Prophet Kim Clement and Q and are trying to discern the nuances of their words. Still others are clueless to any of it and are eating the scrolls of a stretched out garment called the nightly news and still believe they are telling truth. When you are in a psychological war, it is very difficult to discern what are we to believe. Every area of life has been infiltrated with twisting of truth. How do we break through the fog of an information war?

Some have chosen to preach the rapture, escapism as the answer to all they see. This is not the scroll we are called to eat, but still people eat it and they proclaim it and people hang on to it because they are lost in this war of words. Others are choosing to do nothing, just wait out the war and see where the chips fall. Then there are those who think they know more than they do so they proclaim things they “decode”, “discern” or heard from another person and it sounded legit. Fog of war is real, psychological warfare is tough, and many are fighting for our victory the best way they know how.

When you step back from it all and look at it from a distance it changes your perspective. You see the war happening, you know we are living in days that are unprecedented, you sense something good is coming, but the reality of inflation, climate agendas, political deception, announcements for President and threats of war are all around. It can be confusing, it can be nerve racking, but it can also be exhilarating, because God has not changed, He is still sitting on His throne and He is still completely involved in the affairs of men. Remember, He sits in heaven and laughs at the plans of men and women. Remember, we are seated with Him in heavenly places, so we should not be under the fog of war but above it laughing at the enemies plan for destruction, when the Lord is planning restoration of all things.

The scroll of the kingdom blood print reveals the truth of what is coming once the fog lifts and it is going to be better than you could imagine. But you must lift up your eyes to see where your help comes from, it comes from the Lord not from DC, not from the DS, not from the East or the West, it comes from the Lord and He has a history of rescuing nations out of the hands of oppressive rulers. If He can bring Israel out of Pharoh’s hands He can deliver the nations out of the deep states hands. If He can use one stone in David’s sling to take out the giant named Goliath, He can deal with Klaus Schwab or Anthony Fauci. If He can use Esther to deliver her people from Haman and his 10 sons, He can use whoever He wants to deliver us from the puppet masters. My friends, remember God’s track record, it will lift you out of the fog of war and allow you to enjoy your friends and family as we enter Thanksgiving week!

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