Posture Change

A shift in the spirit has taken place, we are no longer waiting for something to take place, we are now postured to watch what is taking place. The days of waiting are over and the days of watching have begun.

Watching is a different posture from waiting. Watching is a more readied postition, it is more active in it’s posture, with watching comes a sense of anticipation. Waiting is more casual, relaxed, preparatory. Waiting is not passive, it is just not the same posture as watching.

We are being invited to switch our posture from waiting to watching, for many things are about to be made visible that were once invisible. What was happening underground is about to manifest above ground, henceforth that need for a posture change. What I am seeing is a runner who is doing stretches, tying their shoes, adjusting their clothes all in preperation for the race to a position of readying themselves in their blocks, kicking their legs out before setting it in the launching mechanism. We are in a watching posture now in the spirit.

The story the in scripture the Lord gave me is of Elijah’s servant who was told to go to the sea and look and he came back six different times and told Elijah he saw nothing, Elijah was in a waiting posture, but the servant was in a watching posture. Many of us have gone to look for the heavy rain only to find no sign of it, because it has been a waiting posture we have been in. But the Lord is saying, “You have moved from waiting to watching. Change your posture.”

Watching has a different posture in the spirit. We are no longer waiting, we are now invited into the posture of watching.

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