Victory Is History

Our victory as a nation is someone else’s history. Our victory as an individual is also someone else’s victory. Just like we know the history of other people’s victories. I sensed the Lord say, “This victory, the nations are coming into will write a brand new history.” I knew immediately we were to hold loosely what we think we know, for what God is doing in our day will change history again.

When God said, “Let there be light” a new history was made in that moment for they did not have light before that. When God created “Adam” history changed again, for they had never seen a “man” made in the image of God before. When Noah built an ark and it began to rain, a new history was written for it had never rained before. When Sarai, the first recorded barren woman gave birth to a son at the age of 90, a new history was written for no one had been barren before and she was past the age of child bearing. When God took Israel out of Egypt through the opening of the Red Sea, a new history was being written, for a sea had never parted before. Jesus did all kinds of firsts when He was on the earth. The first virgin got pregnant and gave birth to the son of God, this changed history forever. From what we know Jesus was the first man to walk on water and to calm a storm, with everything He did a new history was being written.

History is a testimony for history tells us what happens, it testifies to an event. We are living in a day like Israel had in 1968, when a nation was reborn in a day. America and the world is about to be reborn and is writing more history. This history will testify to the rebirth of the nations. What God is doing is going to be a victory that is history. Don’t try to figure it out, just watch or as Moses said in Exodus 14, stand and see the salvation of the Lord. He is giving us victory in order to write some more history.

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