I See Your Faith

Faith is a word we have heard preached since getting saved. Faith is a word that is used in Christian circles as common language. Faith is possibly the most powerful and most challenging word we as believers speak. Faith is hard to measure, because when we struggle we think we have no faith. When we have doubts we scold ourselves and say to ourselves “you are supposed to believe.” Faith builds us up and it is used to beat us up. We read Hebrews 11 about all these incredible men and women of God and we call the chapter the Hall of Faith. When we compare our lives to them it can “feel” like we have no faith, or have little faith. But faith is not something you get from someone else, faith is inside of you. We can be inspired by other people’s faith, but faith is a personal issue, not a corporate one.

How do you know if you have faith? I was reading 2 Corinthians 1:24 this morning and Paul said this, “It is by your own faith that you stand firm.” I have heard a lot of messages on faith, but not one has been on this verse. Hear me out for a minute, have you gone through a trial, a temptation, a sickness, a betrayal, a rejection, a anything? Yeah me too. More than one thing. Paul says, your faith is evidenced in the reality that you stood firm. Did you come through the trial, the struggle, the sickness still a believer on the other side? Yes, me too. In the middle of it, when I wanted to quit, when my mind was wandering around the idea of unbelief, I felt faithless too, but Paul says, standing firm is evidence of faith.

I don’t know what you have walked through, I don’t know what you are standing firm in even right now, but I want to encourage you this morning, the fact that you are standing firm, in the midst of something is evidence that you have faith and I want to encourage you stand and keep standing, for faith looks like standing when we are struggling. It seems so simple, but its the truth that will set you free, for standing in a storm is a sign of faith. Stand my friend and keep standing for in your standing, I see your faith!

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