Hanukkah Movement

Hanukkah in Hebrew means dedication. It is known as the Festival of Lights, has come to be identified with the miracle of oil that lasted 8 days, but the Hanukkah story is really about taking back what is sacred from those who have made it common. Hanukkah is the celebration of the Maccabee’s removal of the Syrians who desecrated the temple in Jerusalem by building an altar to Zeus and sacrificing a pig on that altar in the temple, the house of the Lord, in Jerusalem. These men, the Maccabees, led by a man named Judah, took two years to drive out the enemy and then cleansed the temple, rebuilt its altar, lit the menorah and dedicated it back to the God of Israel.

The enemy has many names, but has one agenda to make common, to desecrate what God calls holy. Whether it is a building in Jerusalem, God put His name on, or it is you, who are the temple of the Holy Spirit, the enemy is seeking to make you common and wants to desecrate your temple, because you were created as sacred. This is a reoccurring pattern in scripture, in 2 Kings 23 we see King Josiah rededicate the temple after it was desecrated with idolatry; in 2 Chronicles 23 we see Jehoidah doing exactly what Josiah did; and we read in Ezekiel 8 of a vision Ezekiel had of the temple being desecrated. The enemy hates all things holy, sacred, set apart, so he seeks to make them common, by force or by the frog in the kettle approach.

The church in America has been desecrated by the enemy. The holiness, sacredness and set apartness has been removed and replaced with modern day idolatry, which is the worship of man, doing what man wants, not what God requires. I see a Hanukkah moment coming to our country, where people are going to rise up and take back their country and the church. This nation was dedicated to God upon founding and the church was the leading voice in this nation. I see reforms like those of Josiah and Jehoida happening in America. Those who have desecrated the church and this country will be removed so this country and the church can be dedicated to God again. We are about a have a Hanukkah movement in our land. We are a Judeo Christian nation.

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