Personalized Gift From God

Christmas morning is here, the time of family pajama parties, family photos, family dinners, and opening of gifts with family and friends we call family. What a wonderful day today is that we are celebrating as families. So many people have already posted family Christmas pictures and many are wishing them a Merry Christmas, more pictures will be posted today and the joy of this day will be evident all over social media and in homes around the world. Entering into other people’s joy brings great joy, added joy to those who can celebrate with others who are celebrating.

Christmas is not just about family, it is also about God, His word who is His Son and the Holy Spirit. Whether you believe December 25th is the traditional or actual day of Christ’s birth is up to you, but today God is giving gifts to us for He loves to be involved in family celebrations. God’s gift may not come wrapped in paper and placed under a tree with a tag that says, from God, but if you will listen you will hear His voice today as He wants to give you a gift directly from Him to you. Children are the ones who love opening gifts more than anyone, and we are the children of God and I believe He has gifts for us today.

Amos 9:12 says, “The LORD has spoken, and He will do these things.” I don’t know what God has spoken to you, but I know what He has spoken He will do. This Christmas I received a gift from God that I know is related to something He has spoken to me.

The promises of God are going to come to pass, they are not just words, they are promises that will manifest. Listen for the gift from God as you celebrate today, for He gives gifts that touch our heart in a way that only He knows will be a gift we receive directly from Him. Merry Christmas my friends and keep posting those celebration photos I am entering into your joy and I will post pictures as well so you can enter into mine.

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