Bells Are Ringing

All night long I was hearing the words, which felt like they were being said in all caps, “COME ON RING THOSE BELLS”. Over and over again in my head, waking me up at various times throughout the night, “COME ON RING THOSE BELLS”. I finally got up at 5am and looked up the words “COME ON RING THOSE BELLS” to find out it is a song by a lady named Kirsten Chenoweth. That is three songs this week the Lord has spoke to me, this is not usual for me. The Lord usually speaks to me through His word, so to have Him speaking through songs is a shift in the way He is choosing to speak, but hey He is God He can speak however He wants, I just want to be able to hear what He is saying.

The song, COME ON RING THOSE BELLS, says, “Celebrations come because of something good; Celebrations we love to recall; Mary had a baby boy in Bethlehem; The greatest celebration of them all; Come on ring those bells; Light the Christmas tree ; Jesus is the King; Born for you and me; Come on ring those bells; Everybody say; Jesus, we remember it’s Your birthday.” Reading the lyrics, listening to the song, I could sense the celebration spirit attached to it. It was what I used to pray this morning, which made it all about remembering Jesus and thanking Him for being the heaven that came to earth.

I knew there was more to this though and the Lord led me to look up what ringing of bells signify because I know ringing of bells is the new sound for the new season. This is what I learned about why bells ring: 1) Church is about to start; 2) Dinner is ready; 3) It’s time to wake up; 4) School is over; 5) End of a treatment that was long and an often difficult journey; 6) Time to make an announcement; 7) Beginning and ending of a cycle; 8)Symbolically the voice of God; 9) Pure wisdom; 10) Sound can travel long distances; 11) Tells time. I also learned the dome of the bell is the “vault of heaven” and the clapper is the “voice of God”.

My friend, I am not sure which one of those 11 reasons bells ring resonates with you, but the new sound for the new day is the ringing of bells. God is ringing the bells and He is calling us to COME ON RING THOSE BELLS! The bells are telling us something is over and something new is beginning, it is time to celebrate, rejoice, come to the table, wake up, because God is ringing the bells and announcing a new day!

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