Luray, VA Prophetic Adventure

Today is the first day that the whole world has crossed over into the New Year, Jew and Gentile alike, we are all in the New Year 5783/2023! Happy New Year everyone.

On Monday December 12, 2022 in the early morning hours my friend Dort Bachtold Goodman who lives in Sabetha, KS, she had a dream. In her dream the Holy Spirit spoke the name Luray, five times to her. The fifth time she heard it, it came with urgency saying, “Dort, Luray!” She woke up, wrote the dream down, did some research on the name Luray, came up with some caverns in Luray, VA and sends the dream to me saying, what are your thoughts? I do some research on the Luray Caverns and say, I think a prophetic adventure is in order for it is a sound city and the cavern is the belly of the beast. I to,d her I think we need to go there and plunder the enemy in the belly of the beast. She said, I can’t go, but I’ll seed you to go. I tell my friend Sharon Ward Shirley about it, she does some research and says, when are we leaving.

We left yesterday 12/31/22 and drove eight hours to Luray, VA. On the way, it rained the whole time. We had a car hydroplane in front of us, cut across two lanes of traffic, hit an embankment and roll seven to eight times. It was like watching a movie, but peace filled us no other car was involved, we called the police and kept moving. We arrive in Luray last night. This morning we headed to the Luray Caverns with my newest prophetic weapon, a bell. I to,d my mentor Mrs. Rhonda Wilson about the trip and she says, “You need to get a bell and ring in the new dispensation!” Amanda Hopkins Blankenship conformed the bell as the weapon to bring. The Lord gave us Psalm 68 as our marching orders of which Kuda Chimanya added a verse, Autumn Darden had agreement with this and Dort as well as my friend Clu all confirmed the leadership of the Holy Spirit with Psalm 68 as we head to Luray, VA.

We go to the Caverns this morning and we are stunned by the map on the wall that confirmed we were going into the belly of the beast to 2 Kings 7 plunder the enemy to Psalm 68 proclaim the good news. We were also ina quiet place so the ringing of the bell to announce the plundering of the enemy was perfect, for its very quiet in there. Then while we approached the organ in there, which is 3.5 acres of organ, they announced they were about to play A Mighty Fortress Is Our God byMarun Luther right at that moment! We were in the belly of the beast unlocking the wealth of the nation declaring debt cancellation, land restoration and liberty to all!

I kept ringing the bell at various locations but when I got to Giants Hall I knew i was in the belly of the beast and I unlocked the vault that held up the nations wealth. I rang the bell and declared a new day of deliverance for our nation and all its citizens. I could sense the joy and freedom of God in that place. The second thing I was declaring while down there was at the sound of the bell ringing, the Church was getting her voice back. The exact time I was in this cavern in Luray, VA a good friend Sarah Jean Eddy’s husband was having a vision in our church in Nashville, TN. Here is what she said, “Kelvin had a vision in church, He said, he heard church bells over our church (Hope UC Nashville) he saw a battle happening and it was an invasion of the victor that was coming to conquer what was once His.” you can’t make this stuff up.

Our next stop was across the street from the Caverns to the Singing Tower, a bell Tower with 47 bells, the largest being 7,000 plus pounds. The tower is a carillon, played from a keyboard that integrates five pitches. The total weight of the bells is 36, 170 pounds. The church is getting her voice back and she is about to release it in the key of David! Isiah 22:22 for the vaults have been unlocked and Psalm 24 is happening because the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of! COME ON friends RING THOSE BELLS, because god is about to FLOOD THE EARTH and O-O-H CHILD things are going to get easier. Happy New Year From Luray, VA.

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