Justice Is Love

One of the attributes of love is justice. Justice is not wrath, it is not condemnation, justice is love. If there is no justice, there is no sense of love. For injustice gives people the sense that they are not protected, cared for or loved. When I was a youth pastor, many years ago, I would tell the parents of the youth that greatest gift you can give you children is boundaries, for they say I love you. The youth that did not have parents who gave them boundaries, were very insecure and did not feel loved. Justice is God’s love for us, His boundaries around us, saying if you go outside of these boundaries it will hurt others and yourself, so stay in the safety zone of my boundaries.

When people go outside of the boundaries God has set, justice comes in order to tell others they are safe, and to tell those who have transgressed that the Lord wants them back in the boundaries He has set for everyone’s safety. Now the devil is a boundaryless entity. He doesn’t like boundaries, for he is a vagabond, a wanderer, a dark entity that does not want to be told what can and cannot be done. Henceforth, why the enemy inflicts pain on people. When we do not see justice on those who have transgressed against our city, our nation, the nations, people don’t feel safe. God knows this because He created us this way.

Now with all that said, we must be careful not to resist the justice God is about to manifest, it is justice not condemnation, it is love now wrath. Remember this in the come days and remember what Solomon said in Proverbs 21 “The exercise of justice is joy for the righteous, But is terror to the workers of iniquity.” The joy of the righteous is seen in the justice of God on the workers of iniquity. We do not rejoice in their fall, we rejoice in the manifestation of the love of God that is seen in justice.

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