The Old Wooden Cross

We have arrived safely into the arms of our good friends Michael and Gail Roberts Collins here in Warsaw, MO. What a sweet reunion it was to be welcomed home last night. After a good night sleep, Hunter (our dog) and I got up early and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Being new territory Hunter was having the time of his life, sniffing here and looking there. Up one street and down another we went exploring the new neighborhood we were in. With the fog sitting on the grass, the sun starting to peek through and the sound of birds singing it was a perfect morning walk.

When I was much younger, my grandma would take my brother and I out on walks through her neighborhood in Minneapolis and she would have us bring a brown paper lunch sack with us. The reason for the sack was to collect treasures we found on our walk. We would find things like rubber bands, coins, cool rocks, or a variety of other things. She taught us the difference between what she called treasures and trash. We never picked up a pop can because according to her that was trash not a treasure.

While on my walk this morning with Hunter, I remembered my grandma’s treasure hunts as I turned a corner in this new neighborhood I was walking and I saw an old wooden cross. It literally stopped me in my tracks. I looked closely at it and it had the nails in it and a sign on top that says INRI. I immediately walked up to it, knowing I just found the treasure of all treasures on my walk this morning. As I stood in front of that cross, I remember my Savior Jesus Christ and the price He paid for my life. Oh the thoughts that old wooden cross evoked in me this morning. Then my thoughts went to the truth that He is no longer on the cross, but is fully alive, seated in the heavens making intercession for me. I was so thankful for this treasure I found this morning, for Jesus is the greatest treasure that has ever found me. What a morning it has been. There is just something about the old wooden cross.

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