The Rooster Is About To Crow

The Rooster Is About to Crow 3.28.18

Do you remember when Jesus was in a discussion with His disciples about the prophecy in Zechariah 13:7 that says, “Strike the Shepherd, And the sheep will be scattered; Then I will turn My hand against the little ones”? It was after Peter had confessed that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God in Matthew 16:18. It was the same time when Peter told Jesus, after Jesus told all the disciples that they would ALL desert Him, Peter said, they may all desert you, but I will never desert you. Well, it was here in Matthew 26:31-35, in the heart of The Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover), that this story is presented. Jesus tells all the disciples, that He see’s something in them that they do not see in themselves, but they don’t believe and Peter flat out denies it.

Do you realize that God sees things in you, that you can’t see in yourself and He is actually trying to get you to see it, so He can protect you, not reject you? We live in a culture that is so easily offended, because people are so internally weak, that they cannot handle anyone seeing anything in them that is not positive, based on what they consider positive, so they get offended and deny the truth, just like Peter did. You see insecure people are weak people, arrogant people are weak people, only humble, teachable people are strong people. It takes internal strength to be humble, to accept criticism, to let others share with you what they see in you because they love you. Strong people, don’t try to make the Bible fit their lifestyle, they make their lifestyle fit the Bible. It takes strength to bend your life to the will of another.

Peter, could not see what Jesus saw, so he told Jesus, who is Truth, that He did not know what He was talking about. Peter thought he knew more about Himself than Jesus did and as we know both of them cannot be right, one of them is going to have a wakeup call happen, one of them is going to hear the rooster crow. Flip a couple of pages in your bible to Matthew 26:69-75 where we find the account of Peter’s triple denial of Jesus. His first denial happens in the courtyard, his second denial happens in the gateway and his third denial happens emphatically. What Jesus knew that Peter didn’t is that denial is evidence of blindness. Denial, is a refusal to acknowledge the truth, even when it is presented to you. Peter could not see what Jesus saw, Peter was blind, but he was also proud, because He could not respond to Jesus’ warning that he would deny Him.

Warning after warning after warning has went out from many people around the body of Christ, from Veronika West in Ireland to Jeremiah Johnson in the USA. We have men and women, known and unknown telling people the truth, but our refusal to acknowledge the truth, to adjust our lives, to agree with God has caused us to deny the very truth that could set us free. I can even hear in the spirit, some denying what is being said right now. If people believe they can be gay and Christian, that is a blatant denial of truth; if someone thinks they can verbally, physically or spiritually abuse another person, that is a blatant denial of truth; if someone thinks God winks at our sin, that is denial of the truth and all these, along with many more denials has created a blindness in the body of Christ that is evident, possibly more so to the world than it even is to us.

The days of getting away with behaviors that are contrary to the word of God are over, for the rooster is about to crow. When the rooster crows, it is going to announce the breaking of a new day; it is going to remind many of the vows they broke, the people they have mistreated, the sins they have committed. When the rooster crowed in Matthew 26 and Peter heard it, the Bible says, Peter remembered the words of Jesus…and he wept bitterly. When the rooster crows, there is going to be bitter weeping, but this weeping is going to be tears of repentance that will lead to restoration and redemption. When the rooster crows, the great awakening will break forth like the sun cracking the morning horizon; when the rooster crows our eyes will be opened to see Jesus and we, like Peter will say, He is God, He is God!

The rooster is about to crow and when it does many will be weeping out of repentance and others will be weeping out of amazement, for all are going to see Jesus only, the Passover lamb, who takes away the sins of the world. This is not going to be the rapture of the church, this is going to be the next great awakening, when the rooster crows!

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