Under New Management

We have all seen companies post banners across their building that says, under new management. The sign is to let past, present and future customers know that this company is under new management. This means things are going to be different than they were before. Many companies when they go under new management, will keep the old employees and just train them under the new management that is in power. Some employees will conform to the new management and others will leave and find a new place to work. But still some will stay and cause problems for the new management, for those employees do not want to conform to the new corporate culture that is being created by the new management.
The Bible does not invite us to come under new management, rather it tells us we are under a new King. When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, to be savior and Lord, we are inviting a new King into our lives. For those who have never lived in a kingdom or who do not know their Bible, this idea of what it looks like to come under a new King may be foreign and sound extreme, but it is biblical. In the Old Testament we can read two whole books about the changing of kings, in 1 Kings and 2 Kings. Some kings did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, others did what was evil in the eyes of the Lord. But, every king had one thing in common, when they came into power as the king, they got rid of every trace of the last king from their kingdom. Not only did the last king need to move on, their offspring and officials needed to as well.
Psalm 21 says it this way, “Your hand will find out all your enemies; Your right hand will find out those who hate you. Their offspring You will destroy from the earth, And their descendants from among the sons of men.” For some this is hard language, but that is because we do not understand kingdom. When a new king is enthroned in a kingdom, for them to establish their throne, they must remove all the offspring, officials and remnant of the last king, or their throne will not be established. Every king throughout history has done this and Jesus Himself will do this when He returns to rule and reign over the earth. Selah.
This is not just about earthly kings and earthly kingdoms; this is a message for our lives. Many people have made Jesus the King of their life, but they have not allowed Him to get rid of all the offspring, officials and remnants of the last kings rule over their lives. It’s as though we have said, Jesus I want you to be King of my life so I can go to heaven, but I still like some of the things the old king (Satan) had to offer, so I am going to maintain his rule over those areas of my life. This is why so many Christians are struggling with things of the last king they were under and the last kingdom they were apart of. We are called to come out of her (the world), complete and total removal from the world and the world’s ways in order for Jesus, the King of all kings, to establish His throne in our lives.
Friends, we have tolerated, for far too long, the old king’s offspring, officials and remnant in our lives. When are we going to say, enough is enough, they must be eradicated from every area of my life? I am not just under new management; I have a new King and His name is Jesus and He gets to have full and complete control of my life. Until you allow Jesus to eradicate all those leftovers from the last kingdom, you will never know the power, authority, and victory that comes from living under the reign and rule of Christ now on earth as it will be in heaven. The world doesn’t want your King, because you live just as defeated, in debt and discontented as they do. Let Jesus reign and rule over you, let Him be King, let Him rid your life of all those old king’s ways, words, and woes. You are under new management, you have a new King, let Him establish His throne in your life, you will not be disappointed that you did.

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