What Has Been Revealed

One night many years ago I was driving home from a meeting and it was dark outside. I saw on the road in front of me an animal in the road but it wasn’t dead. I slowed down to give it time to cross the street but quickly learned it could not move. With headlights on it, I see it’s a raccoon and it’s front paw is stuck to the pavement and the animal can’t free themselves.

I get out of my vehicle and slowly walk towards the animal wanting to free it so no one runs it over and injures it further or worst yet kills it. The closer I got the more viscous the growl. I was speaking tenderly to the animal but to no avail. That raccoon was convinced I was coming to harm not help, so lashed out at me. I turned and walked back to my car and drove around the wounded animal knowing there was nothing I could do to help for the animals fear kept me from helping it.

There is a lot going on in the world right now and some people are espousing their end time theology as a justification for their fear, others are hoarding/preparing for the worst out of fear and others are lashing out because they are afraid. Fear is a spirit in the air from the enemy for God does not give us a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). Fear manifests in many ways all of which push others away, but the answer to fear is on the way, and His name is Yahweh.

Love is coming to cast out all fear! We can’t imagine living without fear for its so much apart of us, but the Lord said, Love is Coming! Not a human love that tolerates sin, but a perfect love that is going to cast out all fear (1 John 4:18). We have never known this kind of love consistently, but we have experienced it at moments. Love is coming to set the nations free from the fear that makes us suspicious of “peace deals”, “prosperity” and “covenant relationships”.

This year has exposed our fears in more ways than we realize, it’s exposed our fear based theology even though we are blind to it and it revealed how truly out of control we are but don’t want to admit it. This year 5780 was a blessing in so many ways for what was concealed has been revealed. It was revealed so it can be removed and then we can be restored with perfect love. God is repairing and restoring on a level fear doesn’t want us to see, for when we see we will be free! Love is coming! Love is coming!

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