From Functional to Beautiful

On Sunday morning before church the Lord spoke to me and said, “I’m taking you (all) from functional to beautiful.”

Last night the Lord spoke tome repetitively the words Thompson Station, Christmas Tree, and Howard’s. These three puzzle pieces represent some good friends of mine, but I knew there was more to it than this, so I looked up the words to get what the Lord was saying.

Thompson Station was originally called “White House”

Howard’s name means “High guard” or Army guard”

Christmas tree has its first recorded sight in Pennsylvania in 1747

As I put these puzzle pieces together the Lord sends me to the White House website and Melanie Trump the First Lady put up the White House “Christmas trees” yesterday and the theme this year is America the Beautiful.

The Lord is taking us from functional to beautiful!

Beautiful = exciting aesthetic pleasure; excellent; generally pleasing; wonderful; satisfying; fantastic; highly enjoyable; very pleasant (Strongs)

Isaiah 33:17-19 “In this high place, your eyes will see the King in his stunning beauty and gaze upon his broad domain. You will look back on the fears of your past and say, “Now, where is the scholar? Where is the advisor? Where is the one who numbers those who are maturing?” You will no longer see the defiant foreigner who speaks a strange, incomprehensible language.”

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