Molds Are Breaking

God is wanting to break the molds in our mind. The old molds can’t comprehend the new model the Lord is releasing into the earth. Mind molds are slowly being shattered but the breaking is going to increase for the old mold does not match the new era we have entered.

Just as the generation that made it out of the wilderness had to be circumcised at Gilgal in Joshua 5, so God is circumcising our hearts, ears, eyes and tongues for we have entered a new place. This circumcision is removing the wilderness wanderers mindset in order for us to understand the new land we have entered. In the wilderness it was a survival mindset, but we have now entered the promised land with the flowing milk, honey and large clusters of grapes. Remember what Joshua and Caleb reported in Numbers 13.

I encourage you let the Lord break the mold of your mind that you learned in the wilderness for we have made it over the Jordan and are at Gilgal getting circumcised so we can hear, see and speak accurately about the new land we are in. One mindset mold that God is breaking is the tabernacle for we are now establishing a city. Listen to Isaiah 33:20…

“Set your gaze on Zion, the city where we gather for Yahweh’s feasts. Your eyes will see Jerusalem as a quiet, pleasant place. It is a secure dwelling, permanent and unmovable, not like a tabernacle that must be taken down, pegs pulled up, and transported.”

Let God break the mindset molds in us so we can see, hear, speak and establish what God is building in the new land we have entered into. We said our best days are in front of us, but we must stop looking back and fix our eyes forward, just like Abraham did. For he was looking for a city, who’s builder and Maker is God!

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