America 2.0

I have a friend who spent the past 6-8 months or more preparing to do a home water birth for her newest daughter. She studied to learn about about the process, she got a mentor to guide her and a midwife to help her. She bought the supplies needed for a successful home delivery and she along with her husband were ready. Then just the other night a contraction that four hours later led to the birth of their baby girl went off seamlessly. Preparation is what gives you confidence for the moment of delivery.

We as a nation experienced our first contraction in September 2020 at Rosh Hashannah 5781. We have been experiencing contractions ever since then and some are painful because America is in the birth canal. We will have more contractions before our rebirth as America 2.0 in January 2021. Americas first birth can be studied to see a similar pattern as nothing new comes without a fight.

The Lord Himself initiated this rebirth of America with a shocking entrance of a man and woman who gently rode down an escalator in New York, but in four years has uprooted, toredown and destroyed many hindrances to America’s rebirth. Many don’t realize how close to death our country really was, but thanks be to God He decided to save our nation.

God doesn’t start something He is not going to finish. The contractions will continue until the final push that gives birth to America 2.0. The great awakening many have prophesied is here, but it’s hard to see because we are in the birth canal. The prophets didn’t lie, the Lord is not destroying us, He is healing the nations. Fear not, trust God and brace yourself because everything’s about to be made new.

Remember if He did it for Israel, He can and will do it for America.

Isaiah 66:8-11 “Who has ever heard of such things?

Who has ever seen things like this?

Can a country be born in a day

or a nation be brought forth in a moment?

Yet no sooner is Zion in labor

than she gives birth to her children.

Do I bring to the moment of birth

and not give delivery?” says the LORD.

“Do I close up the womb

when I bring to delivery?” says your God.

“Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her,

all you who love her;

rejoice greatly with her,

all you who mourn over her.

For you will nurse and be satisfied

at her comforting breasts;

you will drink deeply

and delight in her overflowing abundance.”

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