Atmospheric Pressure?

I was stirred all night long, tossing and turning, which is uncommon for me. I then get up to pray this morning and anxiety is all around me, again I’m not an anxious person, so these are indications of something outside of me. I ask the Lord about the atmospheric anxiety and literally 10 minutes later, my mom who lives in MN sends me an unsolicited text that says, “Red sky’s in the morning, sailors take warning. Well, my sky is red. We are under a winter watch. Owatonna looks awful. U should have stuff going on.”

I thought you have no idea, you see my mom’ s not a Christian so she was just reporting weather, but the Lord was reporting the atmosphere to me. Then I take my dog for a walk and when I get back there is a notification on my phone that says, California + Arizona VOLCANIC HOT SPOTS on weather satellite—- Midwest shifts w/ M4.0. I don’t fully understand what it’s all about but there is something in the atmosphere and if you hear anyth please share. Eyes wide open!

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