Timing Matters

The word of God is filled with prophetic timelines. Knowing which timeline we are on, and who the target audience is for that timeline is critical. When we are out of time people get disappointed because promises are made that are not in time. People get confused because people announce prophetic things that don’t come to pass and they wonder why. One of the things that maturity brings is accuracy in relation to prophetic timing. When we as the body of Christ are operating in accurate prophetic timing not just one prophet or just one voice will be speaking it there will be a cluster of prophetic voices speaking the same thing just in a little different way. It’s not about one prophet having the word of the Lord it’s about the prophetic ministry within the body of Christ communicating the mind of Christ in God’s timing.

So where are we on God’s prophetic timetable as a nation, as the nations? That is what many people are trying to understand. The prophets around the world were in alignment until the timing was not what they expected around a major issue. However that doesn’t change that the prophets were correct it’s just that the timing has not manifested that which they prophesied. But it is about to. Those prophetic voices that all came together in agreement were not wrong, it’s just that the timing is not going according to what typically happens, because we are in the greatest shift our generation has ever known. When their collective prophetic voices that communicated a truth comes to pass, the nations are going to rejoice, because the prophets in the land in our generation got it right.

When you’re entering a new era, when you’re crossing Jordan into a new land, when you’re coming out of Egypt, the old ways of earthly time tables don’t apply in the new place because the transition is so huge. We are in one of those enormous times of transition. This my dear friends is why the timing has been off but the prophetic word has been on. Be encouraged and not discouraged. All you’re seeing is smoke and mirrors of the enemy trying to convince you and convince me that he is in control of the nations and that the prophets were wrong. But in the words of some of my good friends, the devil is a liar. Or in the word of God it says, Let God be true and every man a liar. It’s been a challenging six months, it’s felt like a roller coaster with high highs and low lows, but it’s because we’ve entered a new place in the history of the world and when the dust settles the nations are going to rejoice because the prophets heard God clearly.

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