God Is About To Make A Move

As the church we must stop being impressed or intimidated by the enemy and the darkness we see around us. As the church we must stop living as though the enemy has the upper hand. As the church we are not on the defensive, remember our God destroyed the works of the devil; conquered sin, hell and the grave. As the church we must be confident that He who began a good work in us will bring it to completion; that no weapon formed against us shall prosper; that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus; and that we have been given authority to trample under foot serpents and scorpions. But even more than all that we must never forget, GOD HAS ANOTHER MOVE TO MAKE!

I was praying Psalm 64 this morning and the psalmist spoke about the secret counsel of evildoers, how they are laying snares secretly, how they are devising injustices and how they have well conceived plots. Sounds like today, even though it was written in some BC date. Despite acknowledging what the psalmist saw the enemy doing, he said, BUT GOD…at this statement the whole psalm shifts. We are hearing many speak of what the enemy is doing in the nations, however, we are in a BUT GOD moment. God is about to make a move and everyone is going to see it, fear God, and declare what God did.

Get ready church, God is about to make a move! This is why we must shift our thoughts, words, and hearts from the enemy’s smoke and mirrors show to the Lord God of heaven and earth, for God is about to make a move!

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