Waterfalls of Justice

Have you sown more than you have reaped?

Have you waited and still have not seen what you are waiting for?

Have you been prophesied over but still no movement?

Are there prayers you’ve prayed that are yet to be answered?

Are you standing in faith about something?

Have you done all God has told you to do?

Have you been obedient continually with out seeing rewards?

The Lord has an announcement for those of us who fit this description in one or more than one of these ways. The Lord says, “JUSTICE IS COMING FOR THOSE WHO DO RIGHT!” My friends, justice is coming for you. It is an injustice in the eyes of God for you to sow and not reap; to wait and not see what you are waiting for; To obey and not be rewarded. It is an injustice in the sight of God and the Lord says, “JUSTICE IS COMING FOR YOU!”

Psalm 94:15 “Justice is coming for those who do what is right and all the good-hearted will pursue it.”

We are living in a time of God’s justice manifesting in the earth. We are going to see many kinds of justice roll down like the waters (Amos 5:24). But one justice we rarely speak about is the justice that is coming for those who do right. Today, God is wanting us to know, He see’s the good you have done, He sees the seeds you have sown, He hears the prayers you are praying, He knows they ways you have obeyed and the Lord is going to release justice to you who do what is right.

Waterfalls of justice are hitting us like water to a weary soul and it is going to refresh every aspect of our lives and we will know that God is not a man that He should lie, He is God and He never forgets His children. Justice is rushing towards us right now!

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