God is Bigger

The Lord spoke to me this morning and said, “Nothing is to big for me, so pray for whatever it is you need or want.” He then said “look at this gulf, any of your prayers you pray are not bigger than me, so pray big because it’s small to me.”

As I allowed these words to be absorbed into my being, I sensed faith arise mightily in me and I began to put people in the water of my prayers. The healing of Mary McClain is small to God so I put her in. The healing of my mom’s knee from surgery is small to God, the financial issues friends of mine are facing are nothing to God. I just kept dipping people in the ocean of prayer and I knew God was going to heal, save and deliver them.

I then went bigger and took every Coronavirus case world wide that people have experienced and I baptized them in the water of prayer and the Lord said, “Can they all fit in this gulf?” As He diverted my eyes to the few people in the water. I said, absolutely and we immersed every case in a baptism of death to the virus that they may be risen to new life. I could see it in the spirit.

Finally, I took nations and put them in the water and asked the Lord to baptize them in glory that they may arise awakened in Your power. In the spirit I lifted up nations and set them in the ocean of His glory and saw them come out into an everlasting awakening. It takes imagination and faith, but what we see we say and this is what I saw so I must say it again, No prayer we pray is too big for God because He is bigger! Have a great weekend friends!

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