If you’re neither intimidated nor impressed you will be unstoppable. We get paralyzed when we are intimidated by what we see and hear. We get energized when we are impressed with positions and prosperity. Being intimidated or impressed are both temporary “feelings” of being paralyzed or energized. These two things keep you on the roller coaster called the fear of man/the approval of man. But if you are neither intimidated nor impressed with “man” you will be unstoppable because you’re filled with the spirit of God; your eyes are fixed on the never changing God. Think about it, is God intimidated or impressed by anyone? No! He is God and when we look at God, dwell with the Lord, fellowship with the Holy Spirit we too become neither intimidated nor impressed by “man” for we are consumed with the Living God, our ALL CONSUMING FIRE (Hebrews 12:28). My friends you can be unstoppable in what God has called you to. Just remain in the place of abiding.

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